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  • 100% trainer-led

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Course overview

Raise your social strategy to industry best practice by attending this intensive online training course. Gain from the singularly most developed social media marketing workshop available, with training materials honed over the course of training 10,000+ delegates. Get up-to-speed with the latest developments to maximize your results.

Key learning benefits

  • Develop an unbeatable social media strategy

    Use well-established tactical frameworks to create campaigns that work for your business

  • Use best-practice content strategy

    Build an engaged, target-audience community with top content tools and skills

  • Save time and money

    Master proven budget and management applications that improve all-round efficiency

Online course format

100% live & trainer-led

This course is formed of a program of live online classes that closely match a classroom experience. Interact in real-time with the expert trainer, and your fellow class participants.

Participative group exercises

Every live online session includes Q&A and group exercises with fellow course participants to solidify your learning.

One-to-one mentorship

Ask questions whenever they arise, as the course progresses, there’s no need to hold onto them until the end. Make the most of one-to-one time with the expert course trainer to tackle specific challenges related to your brand or client.

Course program overview

Course program overview

This focused course will take you through the latest hands-on skills for creatively engaging social media, featuring the latest techniques to maximize your results.

Learn how to take a strategic approach to your social media campaigns and boost the impact of your marketing initiatives with in-depth advice that will help you deliver positive, measurable results on all the major networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.
This specialist course is full of best-practice advice gathered during our trainers’ real-world experience in social media marketing. Regularly updated and full of inspirational, real-world case studies, this course is unmissable for anyone who wants to create social media campaigns that count.

You will leave the course with the ability to apply expert tools and techniques to promote your brand or client online.

Class 1

Class 1

  • Social media planning

    Measuring success: Find out how to define targets and choose the KPIs that will measure them
    Reaching the right people: Establish user personas that define your target audience
    Social media landscape: Choose the right social platform for your target audience
    What and when to post: Explore which content is most suitable for your audience and when you should post it
    Budgeting and planning: Investigate how to organise your resource requirements
    Keep it legit: Ensure your campaigns don’t cross any ethical or legal lines
    Incorporating social: Make social media an integral part of wider marketing initiatives

  • Content planning

    Content alignment: Ensure your content supports all aspects of your social media plan, including goals, resources and scheduling
    Scheduling content: Explore how an editorial calendar can help ensure that content is ready at the right time
    Choosing the right media: Find out how the right blend of media can boost your campaigns
    Becoming a thought leader: Learn why engaging with the community can make your brand a sought-after influencer
    Don’t overdo it: Examine the way in which post timing and frequency effects your audience’s response
    Should you blog? Take a look at the benefits of corporate blogging with practical tips on how to do it

Class 2

Class 2

  • Facebook marketing

    Understanding Facebook: Find out more about the world’s biggest social media platform, including statistical information about its users
    Should you set up a Business Page? Discover the pros and cons of setting up a Facebook business page and find out exactly how to do it
    Messenger opportunities: Find out how the Facebook Messenger platform tools can help boost your organic reach
    Using Facebook ‘likes’: Revise the fundamentals of increasing audience engagement and traffic with ‘likes’ and other traditional Facebook methods
    Get more clicks: Explore how to create must-click content with best-practice content tips and tricks
    New Facebook features: Get up to speed on all the latest tools and changes on Facebook
    Facebook marketing rules: Learn the do’s and don’ts of Facebook’s guidelines

  • Instagram marketing

    Understanding Instagram: Find out more about Instagram’s users and how the platform compares with Facebook
    Instagram business pages: Explore how to get the most out of Instagram’s business pages
    Getting started: Discover the best way to set up your Instagram account
    Instagram features: Discover how to use Instagram’s features to maximize the potential of photo and video posts with best-practice tips and tricks
    Tagging photos: Learn how to give your brand maximum exposure with Instagram’s photo-tagging feature
    New Instagram features: Explore what’s new in Instagram, including LIVE, Instagram Stories, Archive and more
    Reach out to influencers: Identify how influencers with an avid Instagram following can help promote your brand
    Save time and money: Explore the range of tools available to help you manage your Instagram activity

  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

    Posting ads on Facebook: Discover the benefits of advertising on Facebook and the practicalities of how to do it
    Targeting in Facebook: Learn how to target your audience with a detailed review of Facebooks’s options for filtering users based on demographic, interests and other information.
    Facebook’s Power Editor: Discover how Facebook’s Power Editor enables you to set up custom and lookalike audiences based on previous interaction.
    Facebook’s ad spend options: Find out how to control and maximize your budget ad spend and when to use smart bidding, CPC and CPM
    Designing Facebook ads: Explore how to design content that stands out
    Instagram ads: Examine Instagram’s advertising options and get expert advice to make your content work on that platform
    Measuring success in Instagram: Take a detailed look at Instagram’s tools for measuring audience engagement

  • YouTube marketing

    Is YouTube right for you? Find out if YouTube is the right video channel for your campaign
    YouTube channels: Learn how to establish a branded YouTube channel
    Must-share video content: Explore how to make stand-out video content
    What’s new on YouTube: Get the latest information on YouTube developments, including YouTube Live and VR180
    Finding viewers: Discover how to drive organic traffic to your YouTube channel
    Advertising on YouTube: Understand the ins and outs of YouTube Advertising and how to do it

Class 3

Class 3

  • Twitter marketing

    Twitter changes: Understand the importance of recent changes to Twitter’s timeline and how to prepare for any algorithm changes in the future
    Customizing Twitter profiles: Learn how to add branding to your profile
    Media and tagging in Twitter: Explore how multimedia content and hashtags can boost your tweets’ reach
    Twitter followers: Find out how to get committed followers
    Twitter tools: Cut down the time spent managing your Twitter feed by choosing the right tools for you
    Twitter ads: Get expert help to make the most of Twitter’s advertising tools

  • LinkedIn marketing

    Creating LinkedIn profiles: Learn why a consistent approach to profiles works best and how to ensure your employees develop their personal profiles in line with best-practice guidelines
    Expanding LinkedIn networks: Identify the best way to build your network, including how to reach out to targeted industry professionals
    LinkedIn post targeting: Delve into LinkedIn’s wide array of targeting tools to ensure your updates appear in the right feeds
    LinkedIn messaging add-on: Discover the pros and cons of LinkedIn’s paid messaging tool for connecting with people outside your network
    Building LinkedIn Groups: Understand the role of LinkedIn Groups and examine methods for establishing your own community
    Using LinkedIn Pages: Explore how LinkedIn Pages can increase your company’s presence on the network
    LinkedIn ad options: Decide if LinkedIn’s paid advertising options will work for you

Class 4

Class 4

  • TikTok marketing & advertising

    TikTok’s latest updates: Up-to-the-minute debrief on the fast-growing platform’s latest deployments
    Marketing on TikTok: Explore TikTok’s opportunities for marketers
    TikTok targeting: Find out how to create a targeted audience for your TikTok content
    TikTok marketing best practice: View examples of successful campaigns by top brands

  • Pinterest marketing

    Marketing on Pinterest: Explore Pinterest’s opportunities for marketeers and view examples of successful campaigns by top brands
    Do you need a Pinterest business account? Find out what Pinterest business accounts have to offer
    Find shareable content: Explore the process and importance of conducting a visual audit when selecting which assets to share
    How to use Pinterest as a traffic source: Discover how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to other online real estate
    Pinterest features: Gain top-level insight into Pinterest’s features, including Rich and Promoted Pins, plus Lens and Collaborative Boards

  • Snapchat marketing

    Snapchat’s latest updates: Find out what’s new in Snapchat and the shape of likely future developments
    Marketing on Snapchat: Learn how Snapchat can help promote your brand organically and via paid ads
    Snapchat features: Discover the opportunities of platform features, such as Snap Maps and sponsored Geofilters
    Targeting on Snapchat: Find out how to create a targeted audience for your Snapchat content

  • Bloggers

    Reaching out to bloggers: Find out how bloggers can help promote your products and brand, and how you can engage their help with individual campaigns
    Top tools: Discover tools that will help you manage multiple outreach campaigns

  • Analytics for social media

    Tracking success: Find out how to measure performance with proven metrics
    Google Analytics: Learn how to monitor pageviews and online traffic using Google Analytics’ toolset<
    Onboard monitoring: Explore the tracking tools built into each social media platform
    Additional resources: Discover free sources of advice and third-party tools that will help you analyse performance


Upcoming dates

Upcoming dates

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Nov 08 – Nov 17
Tuesday - Thursday
11:00 - 13:30
£975 + VAT £1,145
Jan 04 – Jan 13
Wednesday - Friday
11:00 - 13:30
£975 + VAT £1,145

Class schedule & times

Class schedule & times

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Class 1

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Week 1
Class 1

11:00 - 13:30

Class 2

11:00 - 13:30

Week 2
Class 3

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Class 4

11:00 - 13:30



Dia Wilson

Dia has developed her Digital Marketing skills through formal education as well as over 17 years of professional experience. She spent many years working in a corporate environment before taking on entrepreneurship in the eCommerce space and most recently becoming a Digital Marketing Consultant.  Dia has a keen focus on analytics and believes that successful online businesses are driven by data!


Courtney Larvadain

Courtney is a social media consultant, professor and founder of a digital content and social media marketing firm. She is VP of an association focusing on advancing women in digital media, and is on the National Association of Women Business Owners.


Graham Lee

Graham has 17-years experience in digital marketing, working with organisations large & small, across the full spectrum of industry sectors. Graham leads the training faculty at Digiteers, in addition to the teams creating & maintaining course content. He's our most senior representative at the company, and has a top-level view on digital strategy that's invaluable for offering insight and advice on your projects.


Irma Karsten

A social media marketing specialist and a people’s person by nature, Irma Karsten has over 20 years of work experience behind her. She is currently a digital strategist and digital marketing and social media trainer. In this role, she serves as an avid trainer and facilitator for all things digital and marketing related. Irma is passionate about training individuals and facilitating courses – from entry level right through to advanced level – on all social media platforms and across all industries. She specialises in marketing strategy, social media marketing, digital marketing foundation courses (e.g. Google and email marketing) as well as CRM and sales training. Her courses are informative and with her sense of humour added into the mix while she presents, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs, marketing managers and executives have all attended Irma’s training sessions.


Liza Hall

As a digital marketing specialist with experience in marketing strategy, content management and social media management, I've found my role in coaching as the most rewarding. My passion is working with SME's and business owners. Besides forming ongoing new relationships, gaining insights from the diverse industry exposure has been enlightening and contributed to my expertise. The most rewarding aspect of being a coach is to share my knowledge, and empower others to take ownership of their marketing activities for self-sufficiency and sustainable growth.



  • Do I need to share my video during a class?

    You will be able to see your trainer via a video stream, together with most other delegates joining you on the class. However, it is completely up to you as to whether you share your own video.

  • How can I pay?

    We accept payment via Credit Card, Debit Card, BACS, Cheque or Invoice.

  • How many other attendees will there be?

    Digiteers online training courses are designed to create an intimate learning environment to enable one-to-one time with the trainer and healthy discourse amongst all in attendance. The average number of attendees ranges from 3 - 14 depending on the topic area.

  • What communications will I receive before the course?

    As soon as you book via our website, the billing contact will receive a website order confirmation. Your order will be reviewed by our Finance team and within 24 hours (Monday - Friday), the billing contact will receive an invoice or credit card receipt, depending on the method of payment selected. Your order will also be reviewed by our Events team and within 24 hours (Monday - Friday), each attendee will receive an email confirming their seat on the upcoming course. Two weeks before the course start date, each attendee will receive 'joining instructions', along with a few reminder emails. These emails will confirm the login details, trainer and any other important information. All emails will come from, so please ensure you add this email address to your safe contacts.

  • What equipment do I require?

    A laptop with browsing capabilities; a webcam and microphone to participate in group exercises.

  • When will I receive my log-in details?

    You will receive full log-in details and clear step-by-step instructions to join the Online Learning course seven days prior to the first class.

  • Will I receive any certification after completing the course?

    A certificate as proof of your attendance on the course is available on request.

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