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We've worked with our expert faculty of trainers and consulted our customers for detailed feedback to carefully design a selection of courses that deliver results.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Intensive

Our online Google Analytics (GA4) Intensive course enables you to gain revealing and measurable insights into your online performance. Full guidance is offered on key foundational elements, before moving on to advanced tools and techniques to deliver the highest levels of actionable insight. You will leave the course ready to yield invaluable and relevant insight from your analytics that drives real business results.

Digital Marketing Intensive

Ideal for marketeers seeking an overview or update on the world of digital marketing campaigns. Quick and easy-to-follow, this course will give you all the essential skills you need to update your marketing know-how.

Social Media Marketing Intensive

A comprehensively researched training program for marketeers working in the field of social media, packed with genuine, practical, real-world advice.

Digital Product Management Intensive

Designed to help you successfully build your digital products and bring them to market. Gain expert, industry-specific advice that helps you to manage every stage of development from initial planning to product launch.

User Experience Design & Testing Intensive

This four-part course will give you a complete understanding of the principles of user-focused design and show you how to design and test real-world UX implementations.

LinkedIn Recruitment Intensive

This intensive online course is specifically designed for recruiters and HR professionals looking to maximize use of LinkedIn to recruit top talent.

LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising Intensive

Give yourself a comprehensive overview of everything that LinkedIn can offer to B2B marketers.

Our own unique course format

Why are all of our training courses held online?

We run all of our courses online, as live, real-time events. We find it’s more flexible and easier to join. The live, participatory nature of our online courses retains as many benefits as possible from an in-person, classroom experience.

Always 100% live, never recorded

You join our training courses at a specific time, with other real people, and interact with them. Funny as it sounds, this goes against the mold of most training you find today online. We never demote to pre-recorded videos, webinars or quizzes. All of our courses are delivered live by an expert trainer, spearheading Q&A sessions & engaging exercises.

One-to-one engagement

You’ll get plenty of opportunities to take part in group exercises with your fellow class members. You can also take advantage of post-course support from our faculty of trainers.

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